Basic training Protection

and security for people with a migration background

The participants should be specifically enabled by linguistic support to cope with the preparation for the expert examination in order to be able to take the examination at the IHK. In addition to the technical preparation, the participants learn technical terms and practice typical phrases and conversational situations, which can help you later work in the security industry.

In addition to the topics of legal bases for security services, occupational health and safety, basic features of security technology, dealing with people, weapons regulations and data protection, the corresponding technical terms are specifically prepared. In addition, situational communication training and advanced exam preparation with a focus on oral exam situations are integrated into the lessons.

course details

Target group

People with a migration background and language barriers and a willingness to work in the security industry

Duration of training

856 UE (teaching unit)

Content of the training
  • Expertise according to 34a GewO

– Preparation for the written and oral examination at the IHK

  • Service Education
  • Psychology
  • Protection and security technologies
  • Medical assistant for the security service
  • Fire protection and evacuation helpers
  • Intercultural Competencies
Teaching times

Full-time Mon - Fri from 08:00 - 15:00

Admission requirements

- At least 18 years
- German with language level A2 at least


In order to complete and prepare for the IHK expert examination, it is possible, depending on the current situation and the number of persons, to receive appropriate funding and the associated reimbursement of costs. Depending on your situation, the costs could be covered by service providers, such as the Deutsche Rentenversicherung or the Employment Agency. Regardless of this possible funding, you will still receive benefits from the Jobcenter or the Employment Agency. In addition, in some cases you benefit from a travel allowance or childcare coverage.


on request


After completing the preparatory course, the participants are able to take the expert examination before the competent Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK). After the examination, you will not only be able to work in almost all areas of the private security industry, but you can also set up your own company with security services.

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